About CyberTrails

Established in 1995, CyberTrails is a technology consulting and managed services organization specializing in the selection, implementation, and management of vital technology to advance core business goals and initiatives. Its consulting services range from IT assessments and planning to security and business continuity planning. Its core managed IT services include infrastructure as a service (IaaS), datacenter management, business continuance, and on-demand hardware, applications, and services.

As the leading provider of Managed Information Technology Services in Phoenix, we focus on:

  • Public and Private Cloud Hosting
  • Server Migration, Patch Management, and Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Business Continuity Services, Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Managed Colocation in our SSAE 16 audited Data Center
  • IT Consulting
  • Help Desk
  • VMware® Consulting

Making IT Work for You:

The CyberTrails team is well-versed in all things technical so that you don’t have to be. Our consulting services—including deep-dive IT assessments, infrastructure design and planning, business continuity and disaster recovery planning, and information security hardening—are backed by industry-proven practices. A strong grasp of service-oriented architecture (SOA) lets us help direct the entire process, from planning to integration and implementation to ongoing management.

In the realm of managed services, CyberTrails is known for its ability to provide custom, cutting-edge services and infrastructure. Our experience is broad, giving us the versatility to confront any-size challenge, from smoothing out small glitches to dealing with heavy transactional volume. Through Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and virtualization technology, we make it possible for our clients to enjoy a lower-cost computing model by reducing the overhead normally required to support business processes and revenue drivers.

Key to the process, virtualization allows our clients to run multiple applications and operating systems independently. With impressive speed and ease, administrators can move workloads from one virtual workspace to another, prioritizing business needs while maximizing server resources. This results in improved utilization, simplified operations and an effective scale to meet changing business needs. However, we also realize that virtualization doesn’t fit the needs of all workloads. In this event, our experts can implement a physical solution to meet the needs of your environment.

With CyberTrails, you have direct access to a vast à la carte menu of service, hardware, and software options—and experts who can tell you which ones are ideal for each specific business objective.

What Makes CyberTrails the Best Choice?

  • An established history as a top-notch provider of IT solutions
  • The experience that comes with owning and operating an enterprise class data center adhering to strict operational controls as evidenced by our annual SSAE 16 SOC II audit process
    The ability to monitor and maintain your environment 24/7 so you can sleep at night
  • A tight-knit, flexible team of experienced IT engineers and support staff with a wide range of knowledge and specializations
  • The breadth of knowledge that comes with working with 200+ customer environments
  • CyberTrails can handle all of your organization’s IT needs, top to bottom, removing your need to wrangle multiple, disjoint solution providers
  • We will implement the right solution for your needs, rather than forcing you into a solution that fits our needs
  • 2 Offices, plus an i/o Data Center : Our original office is located in Phoenix, Arizona and our newest in Denver, Colorado – our i/o Data Center is also located in Phoenix.
    CyberTrails is dedicated to providing best practices and best of breed solutions in IT management today. We are backed by Denver based Republic Financial Corporation, a privately held investment company that has over 35 years of expertise. Getting IT Right for Your Business has never been easier!

Protect your IT-based corporate assets & Minimize the risk of losing critical data and systems – Call CyberTrails today or Request a Quote Below!

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