FDIC Under Fire for Lax Cybersecurity Protocols

This week Lawrence Gross, chief information and privacy officer of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp (FDIC), testified before the House Science, Space and Technology oversight subcommittee about seven security breaches that have occurred in the agency since October 2015. In total, the security breaches could have compromised sensitive personal information about more than 160,000 Americans…. Read more »

Protecting Your Privacy in Windows 10

Windows 10 comes with many benefits and technological advances that users are quickly taking advantage of. This free and easy-to-use upgrade to the Windows operating system features the return of the Start menu and allows users to multitask like they’ve never been able to before. Window 10 also comes integrated with its own personal assistant… Read more »

Tech Startup Creates Unique Data Security App for Schools

Passwords that are truly secure – the kind that contain long strings of letters, numbers and symbols that are difficult for robots to guess – are effective, but not always so easy to remember. For children in elementary school, remembering a secure password can be downright impossible. With more and more classrooms employing educational software… Read more »

Amazon Reverses Decision, Allows Encryption on Fire Tablets

With Apple engaged in an ongoing standoff with the FBI over iPhone security, data encryption has been a hot topic of discussion and debate in recent weeks. Meanwhile, while apple has been fighting to defend strong data encryption, another tech giant made a curious move that seemed to undermine data security instead. Back in September,… Read more »

IRS Notifies 685,000 More People About Security Breach

In May of last year, the IRS announced that criminals had gained access to private taxpayer data through the Get Transcript application on the agency’s website. This application was originally launched in January 2014 to allow taxpayers to view and download their tax transcripts online. In the 2015 filing season, roughly 23 million transcripts were… Read more »

Microsoft Pledges $1 Billion in Cloud Services to Nonprofits

Cloud computing services offer businesses a host of opportunities to make their operations more efficient and effective. In recent years, cloud services have become far more affordable than they were in the past, but many organizations still lack access to these potentially transformative technologies. Soon, however, roughly 70,000 nonprofit organizations will be able to use… Read more »

Cloud Computing More Widespread and Affordable Than Ever

A decade ago, cloud computing capabilities were still largely limited to large established corporations like Amazon.com. Consumer cloud storage services were expensive and users were often rightfully wary about security hazards and data privacy. Then, around 2009, a number of tech giants such as Google and Microsoft started releasing secure, reliable, user-friendly cloud computing apps… Read more »