What Patch Management Is & How To Use It

A company’s technical support team is the backbone of the operation. If your software system, e-commerce website, and any other source of technology have been compromised, you could risk losing profits and clients. Many IT teams have adopted a patch management system. This system is responsible for avoiding costly IT fixes when the software program… Read more »

Help Your Business with a Support Team

With how fast technology is changing it’s hard to make sure that everyone’s knowledge of the products and programs they are using is up-to-date. However if they aren’t, it’s important to have help available to make sure they are able learn as well as stay productive. Now if your company has not invested in an… Read more »

What Is Virtualization And What It Can Do For Your Business

Virtualization in the IT world makes day to day tasks much easier, quicker, and allows for updating to be done on a much more efficient scale. According to Wikipedia, Virtualization “refers to the act of creating a virtual (rather than actual) version of something, including (but not limited to) a virtual computer hardware platform, operating system (OS), storage device, or computer network resources.” For… Read more »

CyberTrails’ Cloud Combines With Veeam’s Cloud Connect

It has begun. CyberTrails’ implementation of Veeam Cloud Connect now allows companies to meet disaster recovery requirements by enabling Veeam on-site backup copies to be replicated to the CyberTrails’ repository. Why use Veeam Cloud Connect? At CyberTrails, our deployment of Veeam Cloud Connect is integrated into our 10 Gigabit virtual server environment operating both VMware… Read more »

Join The Cloud: How To Virtualize Your Company’s Environment

The virtualization of an IT infrastructure improves the function and success of your business’s most important and sensitive applications and resources. The idea is to move away from the idea of one computer, one server equals one application. Virtualization services are an efficient way to share information from one computer across several different platforms. Virtualizing… Read more »

It Pays To Have Secure Servers And Professional IT Maintenance

Protecting the privacy, integrity, and work performed by companies is a key component to success. Having a secure server system and IT management program will certainly provide that security, but hacks and errors can still occur. Recently a Russian hacking group “APT28” reportedly exploited and hacked into Adobe’s Flash and Microsoft’s Windows operating system. The… Read more »

Complete Your Business’s IT Team!

With the heavy influence of technology in today’s workplace, it’s very important to have an outsourced IT team capable of handling any issues your company might have. Almost every business has an IT department, but some companies might find it hard to keep a staff a full IT team that is flexible and able to… Read more »

Intel Is Looking To Improve Technology With RealSense 3D

It’s now 2015, and ever since the movies “Back to the Future II” or “Minority Report” were released, audiences have been clamoring for the technology products that were introduced. Who hasn’t wanted to channel their inner Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly on the Hoverboard or Be Tom Cruise’s character and do all that funky… Read more »

New Browser In The Works With Windows 10

Everyone knows about the web browser on their computer that is called Internet Explorer (IE). IE has been a Microsoft component for years, and might even still be used when the consumer is feeling frisky enough or doesn’t realize that there are other web browsers that are downloadable to use. Rumors are out there now… Read more »

Password Managers, Makes Online Life Safer

Now that hackers and “hacktivists” are terrorizing anyone and everyone who has any personal information on the internet, from big name companies like Sony and Target, to the celebrities like Jennifer Laurence and Kate Upton, all the way to the consumer who have used a credit card at Home Depot in the last year. Mostly… Read more »