Desktop Technical Support

CyberTrails help desk personnel will troubleshoot and resolve system problems relating to the operating system, printing, network services and hardware.

The following are examples of system problems:
  • I cannot print
  • My computer is running slow
  • I can’t access my shared drive
  • I need to synchronize my mobile device with Microsoft Outlook


Application Support

CyberTrails help desk team will resolve feature, function and usage concerns for the operating system and software applications.

The following “how-to” questions are examples of the problems we solve:
  • How can I create a table in Microsoft Word?
  • How do I change the shading of a cell in Microsoft Excel?
  • How can I filter out junk mail in Microsoft Outlook?

Many of our customers provide our help desk personnel with lists of frequently asked questions and appropriate answers for applications that are pervasive in their organizations, allowing maximum effectiveness when providing support on these “non-core” applications. We will format these FAQ documents into our knowledge base system to allow for easy navigation for our help desk specialists and to ensure a common format is maintained.

“Allow CyberTrails to handle the Tier 1 support and get more out of your IT staff.”

Our Goal is to Exceed Your Expectations

In order to ensure that our help desk service remains at a world-class level, CyberTrails issues surveys with every closed ticket, providing detailed Customer Satisfaction reports on a monthly basis. CyberTrails surveys, tracks, and measures our end-users’ satisfaction across many different parameters, such as help desk agent knowledge and timely resolution of customer issues.
For more information, we invite you to contact us.

How we do it

CyberTrails’ help desk specialists answer calls around the clock and provide immediate support by “remoting into” your users’ PCs. This remote log in capability means our specialists are available to address issues or provide tutorials for Microsoft® applications—anywhere, anytime.

Each CyberTrails customer receives a dedicated help desk team that is familiar with their network computing environment as well as their individual end user profiles.

CyberTrails help desk team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year to address any support issues you may experience. Our primary goal is to get your users up and productive as soon as possible.

Every CyberTrails supported computer is equipped with remote management capabilities, a standard practice for Fortune 500 companies. “Remoting into” the computer to address issues significantly speeds repair time, since the help desk agent doesn’t have to walk you through the diagnostics process.

And, for “how to” issues, the remote capability lets the user see the steps an agent is taking and makes it easier to pick up a new skill.

CyberTrails help desk personnel are highly trained desktop engineers who would generally be considered Level 2 support agents. Most are certified in Microsoft® or Cisco® technologies. This means the very first person you talk to will likely be able to resolve your issue. And if not, subject matter experts are standing by.

CyberTrails Level 2 support is performed by help desk team leads, and Level 3 support is supplied by our engineering team, who have senior-level expertise in every aspect of an IT environment, including:

  • Active Directory
  • e-mail
  • PC technology
  • server technology
  • PC backups and recovery
  • server backups and recovery
  • security and networks.