Managed Patching Services Securing Your Critical Data and Workstations

CyberTrails’ Managed Patching Services automatically keeps servers, workstations and remote computers up-to-date with the latest important security patches and software updates.

IT Professionals know that when their network is at risk, the organization is at risk. It is a challenging task to keep up with and apply security or software changes within the IT infrastructure. Especially when networks span multiple locations, include multiple domains, traverse multiple firewalls, and include remote users.

The number of vulnerabilities affecting a typical end-point are rising considerably, with third-party programs primarily responsible for this trend – research revealed that third party programs have 3.83 times more vulnerabilities than Microsoft programs.

Therefore, a Patch Management policy for your third-party programs should sit seamlessly alongside your Microsoft Patch Management process.

“Stay On Top Of Your Software’s Important Updates”

CyberTrails Managed Patching Services Cloud Based Architecture means that no site servers, dedicated hardware or appliances are required. IT administrators can easily manage systems on small or large, local or remote sites, and even roaming machines with no need for VPNs or special configuration.

CyberTrails delivers high value services with less required resources on your managed systems.

And whether you have multiple or single domains, CyberTrails patching service seamlessly integrates into your existing environment.