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IRS Notifies 685,000 More People About Security Breach

In May of last year, the IRS announced that criminals had gained access to private taxpayer data through the Get Transcript application on the agency’s website. This application was originally launched in January 2014 to allow taxpayers to view and download their tax transcripts online. In the 2015 filing season, roughly 23 million transcripts were… Read more »

4 Points About the Target Breach and Data Security

There seems to be a surge in data security attacks lately. First came news of the Target attack. Then Neiman Marcus. Then the U.S Courts. Then Michael’s. Here are four points to consider about data security: http://www.linkedin.com/today/post/article/20140127051213-2259773-4-points-about-the-target-breach-and-data-security?trk=eml-ced-b-art-Ch-2&ut=3XQFP1GvUmKS41/