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VMware® Horizon Mirage™ provides centralized image management for Windows desktops with more intelligent and adaptive levels of control, zero-touch maintenance, and backup for streamlined operating-system migrations, hardware refreshes, and desktop continuity.

What Horizon Mirage Does

  • Seamless Desktop Recovery. Store full desktop snapshots in the datacenter with continual synchronization of IT or end-user initiated changes. Centrally stored desktop images and periodic endpoint snapshots allow IT to recover partial or full desktops when needed.
  • Simplified Desktop Administration. Troubleshoot and fix endpoints with an easily accessible web admin interface. Role-based delegation allows for specific views and tasks among varied levels of IT support staff.
  • Simplified Windows 7 Migrations. Accelerate the most common approaches to Windows 7 migrations: upgrading an existing Windows XP device to Windows 7 or migrating an end user’s profile and files to a new Windows 7 machine.
  • Layered PC Management and Application Layering. Manage PC images as a set of logical layers owned by either IT or the end user. Update IT-managed layers while maintaining end-user files and personalization. Easily deploy applications or VMware ThinApp packages to any collection of end users with the Horizon Mirage application layering technology.
  • Branch Office Optimization. Horizon Mirage Branch Reflector allows IT to download any updates once from the Horizon Mirage server and allows peer-to-peer updates from the Branch Reflector to other Horizon Mirage clients in the branch office.
  • Optimized and Adaptive Experience.  Automatically throttle CPU, RAM, and network usage up and down as needed to guarantee a seamless end-user experience during backup and synchronization to avoid interfering with end-user productivity.
  • Personalized Performance. Install Horizon Mirage-managed images natively onto Windows PCs, or onto Fusion Pro virtual desktops on Mac or Linux desktops and laptops. Horizon Mirage allows end users to leverage local compute resources for online and offline productivity.
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