VMware Horizon Workspace

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VMware® Horizon Workspace™ provides an easy way to access apps and files on any device, while enabling IT to centrally deliver, manage and secure these assets.

What Horizon Workspace Does

  • Single Workspace for Apps and Data. VMware Horizon Workspace provides a single workspace for files, applications and desktops, making it easy for users to access widely dispersed information on any device.
  • Separate Personal and Corporate Data. Workspace creates a separate container for corporate assets, preventing data leakage and preserving the privacy of any personal information on the same device.
  • Manage Users, Not Devices. Workspace's user-centric management model enables IT to efficiently manage a diverse and evolving set of applications and devices.
  • Secure Corporate Data. Workspace enables advanced protection and security, as well as logs user activity for auditing and compliance purposes.
  • Share Files Seamlessly. Workspace offers a secure solution for sharing files internally and externally with colleagues, partners and customers.
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