The Cybersecurity Skills Shortage is Continuing to Grow

If you’ve been thinking about embarking on a new career in cybersecurity, now is a great time to join the workforce. Cybersecurity is more important than ever, but the industry is struggling to cope with a lack of qualified personnel to fill essential positions. Despite growing concerns about data breaches and critical vulnerabilities, this skills… Read more »

IBM Uncovers Troubling News About Data Breaches in Banks

On February 4, 2017 hackers pulled off a cyber heist of a grand scale, siphoning 81 million dollars from the Bangladesh Central Bank through illegitimate SWIFT Transfers, the international transfer system member banks use to shift sums upwards of seven digits. In the usual scenario, hackers gain access to information pertaining to individual accounts. The… Read more »

Regulators Debate Cybersecurity Standards for Connected Cars

Most of us remember the extent of technology in cars of the 1990s: audio cassette tape decks and the occasional car phone. But flash forward to 2017, and Wi-Fi connectivity has almost become a prerequisite for many drivers. From touch screens and software applications to bluetooth music and movie streaming, vehicles of the modern age… Read more »

Google: Website Hacks Increased by 32 Percent in 2016

Hacking is an ever-present threat in the Internet Age. That’s why a number of businesses have started rolling out improved plans for data security, while other major websites are feeling the blowback of a massive memory leak. That said, this recent news from Google may come as little surprise to some of our readers, but… Read more »

Consumer Reports to Begin Testing Products for Data Security

Wondering if a new smart device could put your network at risk of a security breach? Soon, you’ll be able to find its data security rating in the pages of Consumer Reports. Early last week, the U.S. nonprofit product review group announced they will now begin evaluating products based upon privacy and data security. The… Read more »

FCC Votes to Halt Broadband Provider Data Security Rules

In October, 2016 the FCC adopted new consumer privacy rules that required broadband providers like Verizon, Comcast and AT&T to protect their customers’ data from hacks and other unauthorized access. The rules also required ISPs to gain permission from customers before gathering private data on their web activity and application usage. Now, less than 6… Read more »

Amazon Cloud Outage Disrupts Service for Major Sites

If you had trouble navigating to some of your favorite websites yesterday, you’re not alone. Starting at around 12:00 pm Eastern Time, Amazon Web Services (AWS) experienced a massive breakdown that lasted for about four hours and affected users throughout the Eastern Seaboard. The problem was rooted in S3, Amazon’s “simple storage service” which allows… Read more »

Cloudflare Bug Compromises User Data From Major Websites

Once again, it’s time to start changing your passwords. Late last week, Cloudflare, a web services and security company, revealed a massive memory leak that could affect user data across thousands of sites. The leak, which has been appropriately named “Cloudbleed,” was discovered by Tavis Ormandy, a Google security researcher on February 17th, though it’s… Read more »

Study: Many Organizations Still Vulnerable to Cyber Threats

Thanks in part to a series of massive security breaches that compromised the user data of companies such as Yahoo, Target and JP Morgan Chase, businesses have been forced to take their cyber security protocols more seriously in recent years. The banking industry, in particular, has made sweeping changes to its security culture since the… Read more »

Data Security Tops List of Concerns for C-Level Executives

Just a few years ago, many corporate executives were relatively unfamiliar with the many cybersecurity risks that could pose a threat to their businesses. Instead, these concerns were largely left to IT technicians and consultants. Following a string of high-profile security breaches, however, corporate executives are finally realizing just how important it is to protect… Read more »