CISO as a Service

The Chief Information Security Officer leads your digital protection strategies and contingency plans, providing essential expertise whenever a problem arises and guiding the evolution of the security strategy. Many companies find they can’t dedicate the financial resources for a dedicated CISO on staff. Our CISO as a Service offering allows businesses to utilize our Chief Information Security Officer as a part of a complete CyberSecurity program to manage and monitor every aspect of your security for a fraction of the cost.

CISO consulting includes security at every level, including system architecture and planning, enacting best policies and practices according to your field, reviewing and monitoring the system, monitoring and adjusting policies for security compliance, and expanding or evolving the system where necessary. More specifically, our CISO consulting can help with:

  • Advising senior management on best practices for InfoSec in relevant market sectors
  • Provide IT leadership to establish best policies and procedures related to risk & compliance monitoring
  • Establishing benchmark KPI’s, reviewing & monitoring (on a weekly basis) and intervene / escalate when necessary
  • Acting as a compliance officer by participating in change control meetings, policy review meetings & more
  • Establishing & Maintaining InfoSec related policies and controls, guides to HR policies, trainings & reporting
  • Overseeing periodic compliance auditing and acting as an agent for escalation and signoffs

CISO outsourcing with CyberTrails gives you an experienced team leader at the head of a dedicated security department, without creating unnecessary expenses within your company. The CISO works with your staff to enact internet security procedures such as password management and maintenance, identity and login verification, regular staff training with security points relevant to each managerial level and security tactics specific to your industry.

Learn more about CISO consulting through CyberTrails and protect your company with a dedicated security department lead by an experienced team leader.