CyberSecurity Assessment Services

Putting cybersecurity measures in place without understanding or testing their efficacy immediately undermines the strength of your security. A complete technology assessment is an essential part of CyberTrails’ CyberSecurity plan and procedures, ensuring that the system is regularly tested for vulnerabilities. More specifically, this includes Infrastructure Penetration Testing, Social Engineering Audits & Compliance Auditing. The InfoSec audit provides a systematic method for testing risks and uncovering vulnerabilities, approaching each level of the system from software to hardware to personnel to management. This can include:

  • Business process mapping
  • Information classification policy auditing
  • Data protection & retention strategy audits
  • Incident response process auditing
  • Business continuity strategy audits
  • HR processes auditing
  • Change management process audit
  • Training & development plan auditing

To create an effective security system, it must be tested, analyzed and altered where needed as situations change and new risks arise. CyberTrails’ CyberSecurity audit analyzes each level of the system, response strategies, training strategies, business continuity strategies and more. This comprehensive analysis and resulting response creates CyberSecurity protocols that evolve to meet threats. Holes in the system can be identified and filled with proper training, software patches or network reorganization, while a response strategy can be put in place to reduce the effect of an attack or system breach. An industry compliance audit (PCI, FISMA, GLBA etc.) not only ensures that your data and assets are protected, but also prevents costly fines or problems that can arise from non-compliance.

Learn more about InfoSec assessment through CyberTrails to secure your CyberSecurity strategy now and into the future.