Managed Public Cloud

Infrastructure Experts

The CyberTrails enterprise class public cloud provides a secure, highly available, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform to small business.

CyberTrails is a leading VMware hosting provider offering variations of configurations on our public cloud, as well as, customized private cloud options from our headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona. If you are looking for complete fault tolerance, we offer single virtual machines to robust environments including dedicated hardware coupled with our public platform. We can even build environments in multiple data centers. Take advantage of our managed services suite and you will have the enterprise class environment you need, without the expense of building it.

“Virtual Servers + Managed Services = Total Solution”


Handle periodic variations and special events with ease. Adjust resources at any time with CyberTrails Public Cloud by contacting our 24/7 technical support team. It also features automated failover capabilities, allowing virtual servers to vMotion to failover hosts. Should an underlying hardware failure occur, your virtual server will automatically restart keeping your applications available.